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Red Solar Geyser used to match roof colour.

How Does Solar Heating Work With A Geyser

The diagram below shows how the sun’s abundant energy can be harnessed to heat the water in a geyser. This saves electricity and leads to a significant reduction in energy costs:

Solar heating raises the temperature of water in the geyser.

Mounting Panels

Your solar geyser can be installed internally, or externally. If your home has a flat roof, we use galvanized stands to mount panels at the correct angle, as shown alongside.

Retrofitting lets you use solar heating with a normal geyser.

What Happens When The Weather Is Rainy Or Overcast?

We advise our customers to fit a timer to the solar system and to have the back-up element switched on only at selected times.

However, on rainy days, more will be required of the element, and it will need to be used for longer periods of time.

Solar panels are raised on stands for maximum efficiency.

Retrofitting A Geyser  

If you have a normal, high-pressure geyser, we can make changes to the water movement in your hot-water system, so that water will be heated by the sun before it enters the geyser.  

Photo-voltaic electric cells and a solar pump are used in this operation, which is called retrofitting a geyser.